Friday, November 20, 2009

possible OUT OF SEASON project part 1

here are quick scans from a possible series called 'out of season'. they will be scanned properly and worked on in photoshop. PLEASE COMMENT!


  1. Nicely composed...what's the story behind the images?

  2. Very good idea.
    I love the pirineo, but these ones are great as well. I like the idea about a series.
    Perhaps an empty town square?

  3. Thank you.

    The pictures i posted is from the area around the turist view point Tibidabo. Probably i wouldnt chose all of them in a final series.

    The idea is based on my curiosity about turist sights and what is left when the people have left - there is some kind of weird artificiality about these places that fascinates me.

    I have pictures from Calella aswell, which shows it more in a beach city context (if calella can be called a city, small town is probably more correct).

    to be continued, also in Denmark, throughout the winter.

    thanks for the comments

  4. irina de er fine!
    there is a very calm feel to them and im liking the way the grey skies in the background portray the season and thereby the emptiness of the places..

  5. I really like these. Also I've been doing a similar project for a while (tho I have a different style to my work) - tourist spots and funfairs without people.. so very odd and eerie!
    (Hope to meet you at Visuel Kultur sometime!)xx

  6. the project has changed and is being fused with older one. it will be called The In Between and will be both portraying a mental state of being in between phases/events/thoughts and showing non-spaces, places in between places, that we just walk by to go somewhere else.
    A selection will be exhibited in june 2010 in copenhagen